Restorx did not properly repair our home after fire damaged.

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On February 12,2008 there was an electrical fire in our home. Though the fire was relatively small it caused extensive smoke and heat damage. Our insurance company Town and Country Mutual Insurance Company located in Pecatonica, Illinois sent over a representative from Restorx which is located in Freeport, Illinois to give us an estimate on cleaning and repairing the damages. The insurance adjuster said that the insurance company had done business with this company for 15 to 20 years.

I had already signed a contract with another company to do the repairs because their estimate was more thorough.

Later the Restorx company submitted a lower estimate and the adjuster from Town and Country Mutual Insurance Company told us that if we did not let Restorx do the work that the insurance company would not pay to have the work done.

Before we made the final decision to let the insurance company force us to use their long time associates do the work the representatives from Restorx broke the lock on our overhead garage door and entered our home. They hauled a furnace that we had not approved the price on over stored items in our garage including new fireplaces and mantles, a jacuzzi, new bathroom vanity, marble sink top, large animated outdoor animals and Christmas decorations damaging these items worth in excess of $12,000. When I called the adjuster at Town and Country to discuss this with him he stated " Well, if you had not locked the house they would not have had to break in." My husband and I were devastated. Because we could not afford to pay for the repairs out of our own pocket we were forced by the insurance company to go with their long time business associates Restorx to do the repairs.

A few days later we noticed that an antique gun with a hidden knife blade that had belonged to my Grandfather was missing. I reported this to the co - owner of Restorx and he assured me that all of this would be taken care of.

A couple of weeks into the repairs my husband and I went to the home on a weekend and found wrapping papers and "tobacco" scraps on our kitchen island counter. I called Restorx and Town and Country Mutual Insurance Company and complained and requested drug tests on the workers in my home.

Restorx had a different employee call me and make arrangements for them to take some time off the job and then have different employees come in and finish the work. She also stated that the previous workers were no longer with the company.

The work as contracted by Restorx was never completed according to their contract or our satisfaction and Restorx refused to submit a bill to my husband and I for approval.

Town and Country Mutual Insurance Company also refused to give us a copy of the bill from Restorx and stated that we would have to get it from Restorx. I repeatedly told representatives from the insurance company that the work was not completed and it was not satisfactory and that we refused to pay them until the work was. However, the Town and Country Mutual Insurance Company adjuster did write a check to Restorx and our mortgage company for $28,000.00 for a partial payment on the work completely ignoring our pleads for help getting the work done properly. Our only recourse was to notify the mortgage company and make sure that they did not sign off on the check.

Because I kept asking for help from the adjuster to get an answer on why the job was not being done properly and corners were being cut the adjuster lost his temper many times and caused me much distress. He threatened me at one point with non payment of our losses when he stated " you have to get one thing straight I am the man with the check and if you do not go along with me things are really going to go south for you getting any money." Town and Country Mutual Insurance Company canceled our home insurance because " we were difficult to work with during claims."

Because of all of the stress dealing with the insurance company and Restorx, according to my doctors, I have had a heart attack and been hospitalized three times this year. Oh, and by the way at least the insurance company adjuster has kept his word at least once, as of this date we have not received a settlement because according to Town and Country Mutual Insurance Company adjuster and his boss we lost more contents than we were insured for so they do not feel that they should have to pay us the amount we were insured for.

The co-owner of Restorx, Mr. Nate Meier has refused to pay for the damages caused by his company representatives.

Also during the time that Restorx had a key to our home was the flooding in Illinois that was classified a national disaster. During the time that Restorx had a key to our home we had a theft of over $88,000.00 worth of items that had been salvageable from the fire and there was no forced entry. Restorx still has not given our house key to us.

I will keep Pissed posted as to the progress ( ha, ha ) in our situation with Restorx and Town and Country Mutual Insurance Company.

Pissed and Outraged in Illinois



Its funny how the owner is willing to take a call to "discuss" further and I have been waiting for a supervisor to call me back for 2 weeks now. Rextorx broke my bed when moving furniture around and they are now lieing about it.

What more would i expect !


WOW! I am a disaster restoration contractor and have been in this industry for about 15 years. From what i read in your 'pissed' post about the insurance company & contractor, I see a lot of 'wrong doings' and stuff that's illegal. An insurance company in the USA cannot tell you who or what contractor to use, at least dealing with FIRE/Smoke/water damages. You as the policy holder is the customer. The insurance company is not the contractors client, you are SUPPOSED to be. The laws set for the insurance industry make it to where the customer or policy holder (yourself) can choose any contractor to perform cleaning/restoration services. I'm sorry that you had to deal with not just a fire/smoke damage problem, but vandelism, unproffesionalism, and threats... That's not right. I am astonished to see that the insurance company, the owner of the restoration company, or even the police have not stepped up to plate to bat for YOU. I feel so bad for you and your husband as it seems that the whole 'experience' dealing with such a disasterous situation and your valuables being neglected. Good luck and I hope that someone will step in and put there foot down in you all's defense.

IICRC Master Water Restorer

IICRC Fire/Smoke Technician

IICRC Water Damage Technician

IICRC Odor Control Technician

RIA - Certified Restorer (CR)

to professional ***tractor Stockton, Illinois, United States #617782

I am familiar with this loss and the people with the fire should be sued for false slander. Nothing they say is true.

to professional ***tractor Freeport, Illinois, United States #617786

I am the owner of RESTORx and am very proud of our Companies' workmanship and business practices.This complaint is 99% lies and deceit.

If anybody actually believes this woman's complaints and thinks our Company has less than an excellent reputation from thousands of customers from our 34 years of business, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss it in person.

Call me at 815.235.9606.

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